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Jesus For Everyone

Throughout Term 1 we are focussing on the gospel of Luke in a new teaching series called 'Jesus For Everyone'. Luke's gospel focusses on Jesus' ministry beyond the boundaries of Judaism, reaching out to those who were outcasts and rejected. Jesus calls us as a church to also cast our nets wide and to move beyond our comfort zones. DNA small group sermon studies are available each week from the Next Steps Desk or via our church website under the 'Resources' tab.


The Network Course

Do you know what your spirirtual gifts are? Every Christian has at least one, probably more. You can find out by signing up to 'The Network Course' commencing on Monday 18 March, 7:30pm. The course runs over 3 weeks with each approximately 2 hours in duration. Don't miss this opportunity to discover your gifts and the best place for your to serve in the life and ministry of our church. You can register for the course at the Next Steps desk on a Sunday.

Online Prayer Request

Online Prayer Requests

We consider it an honour to be able to uphold our congregation and wider community in prayer before God and we want to make it easier for you to share with us.

We are now providing the opportunity for you to submit your prayer requests online! These prayer requests will be prayed through every Tuesday. Please submit your prayer requests by clicking"Contact" on the menu above or by clicking here.

CAP 640

Devonport CAP Debt Centre

The Devonport CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Debt center is now up and running and providing free debt counselling and support to people across the city of Devonport. People can call 1300 227 000 to make an appointment with a local debt coach or visit