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Neighbors November Sermon Series

What does loving our neighbor look like on a daily basis? This series will answer the questions like who is my neighbor? How do I love my neighbor? This new sermon series is a great conversation starter and full of practical application especially as we approach the Christmas season. Weekly small group DNA studies will be available each week.

Sunday 3 November: Neighbours: What Is Love?

Sunday 10 November: Neighbors: How Do I Love?

Sunday 17 November: Neighbors: Who Do I Love?

Sunday 24 November: Neighbors: When Do I Love?

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What's Your Next Step?

We believe that everybody has a next step when it comes to following Jesus Christ. For some it could be to meet us in person for the very first time at one of our Sunday services, for others it could be joining a small group, enrolling in a growth course or making the decison to be baptised. Whatever your next step is we are here to help. To take your next step please email di@devonportcoc.com.au

Online Prayer Request

Online Prayer Requests

We consider it an honour to be able to uphold our congregation and wider community in prayer before God and we want to make it easier for you to share with us.

We are now providing the opportunity for you to submit your prayer requests online! These prayer requests will be prayed through every Tuesday. Please submit your prayer requests by clicking"Contact" on the menu above or by clicking here.

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Devonport CAP Debt Centre

The Devonport CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Debt center is now up and running and providing free debt counselling and support to people across the city of Devonport. People can call 1300 227 000 to make an appointment with a local debt coach or visit capaust.org